THE Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) PROBLEM IN THE CARIBBEAN
Many small & medium sized food companies in the Caribbean struggle to achieve a recognised food safety system such as HACCP due to the unsuitable physical conditions of their facility. Over years of working within over 100 Caribbean food companies, C&G International has devised a system of providing agro-food processors and food manufacturers with cost effective, pragmatic and structured assistance to enable them to improve their GMPs and progress to a recognised food safety system.

A small Caribbean hot pepper and condiment manufacturer utilised the services of C&G International to improve the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) of its production facility.

BEFORE working with C&G International on GMP Improvements

  • Ceilings, walls and floors constructed of inappropriate materials for a food establishment.
  • Poorly ventilated steam kettles in cooking area.
  • Open structure with poor work flow and potential cross contamination of finished product with raw material.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Random cleaning practices
  • Poor food handling practices

Within 3 months of working with the company, C&G International had completed the following:

  • Undertook a GMP Gap Audit and provided the company with a ‘road map’ of achievable GMP improvements.
  • Conceptualised a new layout for the facility which better utilised the available space and provided a food safe process flow.
  • Project managed the construction of the new processing area, working with contractors (builders, electricians, plumbers, ventilation engineers, etc), to ensure the work was completed on time, to the required standard and to budget.
  • Implemented a regulated and documented cleaning schedule
  • Provided food safety training for all employees
AFTER working with C&G International on GMP Improvements

AFTER working with C&G International on GMP Improvements

  • Newly constructed processing area within the original facility.
  • Ceilings plastered and coated with food grade epoxy resin paint.
  • Walls plastered and covered with food grade fiberglass panels which are impervious to water, resistant to mould growth and easily cleaned.
  • Floors sloped, concreted, sealed and coated with food grade epoxy resin paint.
  • Drain installed in the centre of the room for wash down purposes.
  • Ventilation hood installed to remove excess heat and steam.
  • Significantly improved lighting.
  • Physical separation of preparation (raw materials), cooking and packaging areas.

No two companies are identical which is why we offer a tailor made solution to every company we work with.

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