Tortuga (Barbados) Ltd.
Tortuga (Barbados) was a medium sized bakery based in Barbados. They produced the popular Tortuga Rum cake in a range of flavours for the international export and local market.


Client Testimonial
“C&G International provided an excellent service which was professional and effective. Our company has now been certified as HACCP compliant by SGS, one of the world’s leading standards compliance agencies. C&G International supported us throughout the implementation process.” Tortuga (Barbados), Food Safety & Quality Manager

C&G International HACCP Implementation Activities
Tortuga (Barbados) set themselves a challenge to complete their HACCP certification within 12 months; C&G International committed to, and succeeded in, meeting this demanding timetable.

Work undertaken during the Tortuga (Barbados) HACCP implementation:

  • Construction of a HACCP implementation Project Plan.
  • Training of the HACCP Team & all company employees in HACCP.
  • Advice on GMP improvements.
  • HACCP team meetings facilitation & project management.
  • Writing of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs).
  • Facilitation of the Hazard Analysis and identification of the Critical Control Points (CCPs).
  • Establishment of monitoring methods for CCPs.
  • Training of contractors
  • Pre-audit assessment

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