ISO 22000:2018 is a globally recognised food safety management system standard for the complete food supply chain. It is applicable to farms, producers, processors, right through to the point of sale. It is equally suitable for small and large organisations.

Core to ISO 22000 is the requirements for a food safety management system that involves effective communication, system management, and prerequisite programmes. The standard focuses on supply chain assurance, has management system principles embedded, and is aligned with HACCP principles.

How can ISO 22000 assist your company?

The ISO standards are globally recognised as embodying excellence. ISO 22000 certification is a way to become a preferred supplier to local, regional and international customers. It will also enhance your brand by demonstrating your commitment to controlling potential food hazards and continuous improvement.

ISO 22000 aligns with other ISO management system standards, making it easy to integrate your food safety management with quality, environmental or heath and safety management.

To find out how ISO 22000 can strengthen your company’s food safety & quality please contact C&G International Inc.