Manufacturing Control is concerned with all of the functions that surround and support actual production. It works to manage the flow of materials from the beginning of the supply chain to customer delivery and production. It also includes the transformation of materials, the allocation of personnel and job control.

The main driving force behind Manufacturing Control is satisfying the needs of the customer. The customer is expecting to have the product they want; delivered on time, at an acceptable quality and at a reasonable price. The job of manufacturing is to turn raw materials and supplies into a tangible product for the customer. In doing this the manufacturing company uses resources such as; factory space, equipment, people, utilities, transportation etc. in the supply of product flow to their customers, whilst adding value through this supply chain.

Manufacturing Control Schematic

Different products have different added values and whether the company is making; solar water heaters, baked cakes, building blocks or sprit drinks, the trick is to maximise the added value, which translates into profit. To facilitate this, a manufacturing company must use all of the available resources productively, as higher productivity translates into lower costs and higher profits.

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