C&G International’s training is designed to assist manufacturers to make informed decisions based upon their own individual company circumstances. Our courses will also provide ways and means of making manufacturing companies fit and agile enough to be able to respond to market conditions when they arise. They focus on; increasing quality, enhancing productivity, removing constraints, introducing innovative activities and saving money across the supply chain and manufacturing.

Our courses are interactive and course members will take part in practical exercises and undertake an assessment of their own company which can form the basis of in-house company improvements. Our manufacturing training courses include:
• Manufacturing Control and the Lean Flow of Work
• Lean Manufacturing and Just-in-Time
• Total Productivity
• Appropriate Productive Maintenance
• Manufacturing Planning and Control
• Cost Effective Manufacturing
• Production Cost Analysis
• The Fundamentals of ISO 9001

C&G International’s training can be tailored to a company’s needs and integrated with other manufacturing activities, as we do not believe in “training for the sake of training”. We can also provide refresher training as a once only training programme is soon forgotten and does not demonstrate evidence of a company’s commitment to the subject matter.

To arrange for training for your manufacturing employees Contact C&G International Inc.