Course Overview

There is increasing scrutiny of food safety across all areas of the food industry. Recent outbreaks of food borne illness have resulted in widespread media and public attention and there is a greater interest from the general public.

Catastrophic food safety incidences can arise from very simple deviations on a food handler’s part or from a lack of awareness of what can negatively affect food safety. The results of ignorance can be contamination or adulteration of food products and food poisoning for customers.

There is a need for a structured approach to food safety within food facilities to discharge the establishments’ obligation to serve safe food. Taking affirmative action will also strengthen the good reputation of the facility with customers.

This course introduces the important subject of supervising and controlling food safety within a commercial food establishment. It illustrates the level of food safety awareness needed by persons who oversee persons who work with food. It shows delegates what actions are required to reduce the risk of food poisoning organisms or other types of food adulteration. Additionally, it prompts the use of effective record keeping in the production and storage of food.

During the course delegates will take part in exercises to build their understanding of Food Safety and to focus on aspects of food handler activities which require detailed control and supervision.

Course topics include;

  • The link between effective supervision & food safety
  • Understanding food hazards, contamination & product adulteration
  • Food borne illness & prevention
  • Legislation & due diligence
  • Good Hygiene Practices in the food facility and its surroundings
  • Overseeing cleaning & sanitation
  • Record keeping for food safety

Who should attend this course?

  • Supervisors working within a commercial food facility.
  • Senior Food Handlers
  • Owner / Managers of a commercial food facility.

Course Admin

Course date: 08 September 2022

Time: 08.57am – 1.00pm

Location: Rockley Golf & Country Club, Conference Room, Golf Course Rd, Worthing, Christ Church

Course Fee: BDS$450 per delegate – Course fee includes printed delegate notes.

The course fee is due no later than 2 weeks before the course date.

The group size is a maximum of 16 delegates and places are allocated on a first come basis.

Covid-19 protocols will be in place for the duration of the course.

This course is also available as a private ‘in-house’ course.

Course Registration

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